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What is Tata Motors Prolife?

21 August, 2023
A revolutionary approach to commercial vehicle engine remanufacturing. Tata Motors ProLife focuses on remanufacturing commercial vehicle engines in a state-of-the-art facility, setting it apart from local repair shops. Its approach to engine remanufacturing goes beyond mere repairs. ProLife carefully disassembles used commercial vehicle engines and utilises advanced technology to restore them to their original performance and quality. 

The advantages of Tata Motors ProLife.

Engine Remanufacturing:

Tata Motors ProLife has redefined engine remanufacturing with state-of-the-art facility that adheres to Tata Motors standards. Unlike a local repair shop, Tata Motors ProLife ensures that every remanufactured engine undergoes a rigorous process. This guarantees that the engines are restored to their original performance and quality, providing customers with an efficient product.

A Clean Environment:

One of the key reasons to choose Tata Motors ProLife is its commitment to maintaining a clean environment throughout the remanufacturing process. Local repair shops often work in dusty environmental settings, whereas ProLife practices and adheres to clean environmental regulations. 

Reduced Downtime:

Commercial vehicle downtime can significantly impact businesses. Tata Motors ProLife understands this concern and addresses by using advanced procedures and state-of-the-art equipment, ProLife offers reduced engine remanufacturing time, thereby minimising vehicle downtime. This timely and efficient service allows businesses to maintain their operations and ensures increased productivity.

1. 24-Hour Engine Delivery:

Tata Motors ProLife guarantees a 24-hour engine delivery service. This quick turnaround enables businesses to get their vehicles back on the road. 

2. Quality Assurance:

Every engine that undergoes remanufacturing at ProLife's facility goes through rigorous testing and quality checks. These checks ensure that the engines meet the same standards as brand new parts. 


Through its advanced approach to engine remanufacturing, ProLife has set a benchmark. By choosing Tata Motors ProLife, customers not only benefit from reliable remanufactured engines but also contribute to a cleaner environment.
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