About Us

Tata Motors Prolife offers re-manufactured engines, clutch & pressure plates or cabin that are designed to provide long-lasting performance, reliability and warranty. Our parts have a life of up to 80% of their original life, making them an economical choice for customers looking to extend the lifespan of their commercial vehicles.

Typically, in case of an engine failure the customer goes for Repair which means fixing by replacing or adjusting only the part of the component or engine that seems broken. The person doing the repair determines the quality. The engine is not even dismounted. The second option is Reconditioning which involves fixing by replacing all parts that seem to be broken or worn. There are no defined work process and recommended tools may also not be available. Normally the engines are assembled in open dusty environment. It’s the technician who makes a judgement as to which parts are acceptable for reuse. Assembly of engine may happen using non-genuine or local available or even spurious parts, of inferior quality. Here the engine is dismounted and minor machining such as block boring or crank polishing is done.

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What Others Do!

  • Only broken parts are fixed or repaired as decided by local mechanic.
  • No process is followed.
What We do

Prolife engines & parts are remanufactured at state-of-the-art facilities.


“To provide Convenient access to customers in All Geographies to avail High Quality services at Affordable prices exceeding their expectations of Turn around Time “

“To Collaborate with channel partners & vendors for Sustainable, Profitable Growth & create long term Partnerships”


“To be the First Choice for Customers”

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